Jonathan Visits Aso Villa

There were some anxious moments for journalists covering the Presidency on Monday when they sighted former president, Goodluck Jonathan at the Presidential Villa in Abuja.

No one was allowed to talk to him but…it was it turns out that he was on a private visit.

Dr. Jonathan was dressed in his usual Niger Delta attire. He arrived just before 2pm and headed straight to the President’s office. He spent about 30 minutes at the villa.

This is the second time the former President would be privately visiting the current one since May 29th.

Now, every time there is this kind of visit, it is followed by massive waves of speculations.

Some have announced that they have feelers that the former president came looking for an understanding with the present government to stop the criticism of his government.

They base their suspicions on the fact that the former president’s visit came on the same day President Buhari insisted that he would not stop talking about the “evils” of the Jonathan and Peoples Democratic Party, PDP government.

This line of thinking also links a similar previous visit that Jonathan paid to the villa recently when criticism against his government heightened.

The most credible belief, however, is  that Jonathan came to brief the president on the outcome of the Tanzania election in which he played a role as the leader of Commonwealth Election Observer Group

You can imagine the curiousity of reporters who peeked into why the former President was there and what the agenda of the meeting with Buhari was.  Well, Presidential spokesperson, Mr. Femi Adesina told Vanguard on phone that Jonathan could call at the villa at will.

“He has the right to visit the villa anytime as a former president,” Adesina said. I guess he can can’t he. It should be like a second home to him.


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