Osun: PDP, APC bicker over N20bn bailout fund

THE State of Government of Osun on Sunday asked Nigerians to watch out for series of distortions, misinformation and outright lies as part of the strategies of the Peo­ples Democratic Party and their allies to distract the Rauf Aregbe­sola government in the aftermath of the receipt of the bailout funds.

The Bureau of Communica­tion and Strategy in the Office of the Governor said on Sunday that the PDP and its allies are irrevo­cably committed to a shameful assignment of manipulations of the minds of the people through a litany of lies and concoctions as they embark on their fruitless jour­ney to pull down the government.

The statement, signed by the Bureau’s Director, Mr. Semiu Okanlawon, said the latest of the PDP’s falsehood is the allegation that the government of Aregbe­sola has paid a sum of N20billion to a construction company, Slava Yeditepe, the construction com­pany handling the Oba Adesoji Aderemi Second By-Pass Road out of the N34.988billion received as bailout funds.

“Nothing could be more ridicu­lous as an allegation! First, Gov­ernor Aregbesola commenced the construction of the Adesoji Ader­emi Road in July 2013 at the total cost of N14.5billion and this was publicly announced.

“What then would be the reason for the payment of N20billion to the contractor in 2015?

“Secondly, the PDP has shot itself in the foot and punctured its own lies of last week where it accused Aregbesola of fixing the bailout funds in a deposit account for interests to accrue. If its claim of fixing the N34.988billion in a deposit account was true, how then was the governor able to pay N20billion to Slava Yeditepe? This stands logic in the head.


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