Tinubu Gives Reason For Delay In Appointment Of Ministers

The national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Bola Tinubu, says President Muhammadu Buhari is taking his time in the appointment of ministers to ensure he will not fall into the pitfall that is in rushing such appointments.

Senator Tinubu made the statement while addressing reporters after a meeting with President Buhari on Wednesday.

He was at the Presidential Villa in Abuja in company of Mr Bisi Akande.

According to him, the party is focused on supporting President Buhari achieve his goal of transforming the nation which they described as ‘a rot’.

“There is pitfall in rushing… quick fix depending upon the depth of the rot. It can result in mistakes of unimaginable magnitude. There is equally glory and recovery in slowness when you have a slow fix of a bad foundation.

“To me, I rather take the one that will last the country and endure for a longer period of time than rush our shopping,” the former Governor of Nigeria’s commercial city, Lagos, told reporters.

He also disagreed with the Peoples Democratic Party’s claim that President Buhari was dictatorial and asked the opposition party to keep silent if it had nothing meaningful to say.

Senator Tinubu said that the President was doing his best to really help the nation recover from the ‘paralysis’, citing a bailout given to some states, which he said was meant to help stimulate the economies of those states.

At that session with State House correspondents after the one-hour meeting, Tinubu, who is a former Governor of Lagos State, said he did not come to submit any ministerial list to the President.

“What can I do about that, they have the right to speculate, they have the right to their lies and I have the right to debunk,” he said.

However, The Punch claimed to have spoken to a reliable source who told the paper that the ministerial list was one of the topics discussed at the meeting.

The source said just as Tinubu was given the power to pick Buhari’s running mate during the electioneering, Buhari was giving him the privilege of filling some positions that should go to the South-West.

He said, “Buhari never marginalised the South-West as is being reported. Most of the northern appointments that Buhari made are those that will work closely with him in the villa and Tinubu was not really interested in them.

“It was Tinubu that recommended Babatunde Fowler to head the Federal Inland Revenue Service and that is the next best thing after oil which many people don’t understand.

“Buhari has insisted that people that are answering to cases of corruption will not be part of his government and Tinubu is aware of this. He has recommended a former commissioner in Lagos for appointment too and he will be part of Buhari’s economic team even if he is not appointed as a minister.”

When asked how many ministerial slots Buhari had given Tinubu, the source said he could not say for sure but added that Buhari was planning to compensate Tinubu for losing out to Senate President Bukola Saraki and Yakubu Dogara during the National Assembly internal elections

He added, “Every state is expected to produce a minister and we already know that there will be some issues with some stubborn state governors. So, if Tinubu loses out at the ministerial level, he will be made to nominate the chairman of some parastatals and government agencies.”

President Buhari on Monday in Aburi, Ghana reassured Nigerians and the international community that he would name his cabinet members before the end of the month.


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